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The Chabad Shul in Silver Spring has a warm and friendly environment, welcoming all regardless of affiliation or background.
Our Shul
Friday Night Services:
Vary weekly based on candle lighting times.
Shabbat Morning Services:
Services begin at 9:30 am followed by a kiddush at about 12 PM
Chabad Kids Shul
Chabad kids shul is a place for children to learn,grow and have a positive shul experience.
Children's program is from 10:30 am-12:00 pm
Children must be in groups or under the direct supervision of their parents while they are at shul. Please help us make shul safe and fun for all children! 
3 Divisions
Boys and Girls Ages 2-5
Boys Ages 5-11
Girls Ages 5-11 
Join us at our new facility for all services.
Upcoming events
Nov. 18, 2018
Weekly class focusing on the Tanya, a foundational Chassidic text.
Nov. 18, 2018
Larger Than Life: Weaving G-d into the Details Lesson 1- Privacy
Nov. 27, 2018
A special Chanukah class for women.
Nov. 30, 2018
Do you have a birthday, family yartzeit, or special occasion?
Why not celebrate it with a Kiddush at the Chabad shul!
For more details or to reserve a kiddush click on the kiddush icon.