Welcome to Silver Spring, Maryland!

Chabad is located in the suburban neighborhood of Kemp Mill. There are several kosher establishments near Chabad, but no hotel within walking distance.

If you will be visiting for Shabbos and would like to stay in a hotel near an Orthodox synagogue, downtown Silver Spring may be a better option. The Woodside Synagogue in downtown Silver Spring is close to several hotels and the Metro. They maintain a list of accommodations on their website, wsat.org.

In Kemp Mill there is a large kosher grocery store as well as a candy store, two dairy restaurants, and a meat restaurant within close driving distance. All are under the supervision of The Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington. More information about kosher businesses in Kemp Mill and elsewhere in the Washington area can be found on their website: www.capitolk.org.

If you are staying with friends or family in Kemp Mill we hope that you will join us for Shabbos services and kiddush so that we may welcome you to our community!