Sugya: A Weekly Journey Into the Beis Medrash

Thursday 8:00pm on Oct 14, 21, 28

  • Steak at Stake: A Moral Argument for Personal-Animal Relationships

    If the Torah is so careful about cruelty to animals, how, then, are we allowed to eat them? And if Judaism does allow us to indulge in carnivorous delights, why was Rebbi - the famous compiler of the Mishnah - punished for sending a calf to the abattoir? Perhaps there is more to the personal-animal relationship than what meets the eye?

    Join Rabbi Wolvovsky for a special 3-part class in-person at Chabad!

    Thursday nights at 8:00 pm on Oct 14, 21, 

    The last class in the Sugya Series will be Wednesday, October 27 at 8:00 pm at Chabad.

    Here's a peek into the Sugya Class.

    Does a Mitzvah Always Matter?

    A Perspective on Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reasons

    Let's face it: We don't always do a mitzvah for the right reasons. The Talmud makes conflicting statements about such a person - from "Better off left unborn," to "He's an absolute tzadik!" - and we're left wondering: Is it OK or not? Journey into the inner dimension of a mitzvah, and discover the value (or not!) of an altruistic act.

    Join us for a special class in-person at Chabad!

    Free of charge and course materials included. 

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