Year End Campaign

  • December 2021 

    Dear Friends,

    With 2021 almost over, I wanted to make sure to get in touch with you one last time.

    You still have time to help our Jewish community in Silver Spring.

    If you've already sent your year-end gift and our letters crossed in the mail, let me THANK YOU! If you haven't yet donated, now is the time. 

    It's not too late to do your part to finish 2021 right -- and set up for a better 2022 for the many people who need a loving Jewish life-line.

    Here’s what I mean: Boris is a young man. His parents are from the former Soviet Union. He grew up without a Jewish education. No Bar Mitzvah. No Hebrew School. His grandfather dragged him to the synagogue exactly one time. He never went back.

    Boris doesn’t know anything Jewish. He has no idea how to celebrate. When everyone around him is busy with holiday celebrations, he feels like something is missing ... but he’s too intimidated to ask. 

    Boris needs your help.

    Julie is a young mother. Worried about the growing anti-Semitism in her area, she plays down her heritage, religion, and roots. She is afraid to be the "only one" with a menorah in the window. She needs connection and community.

    Julie needs your help.

    We rely on donations from friends like you, who go above-and-beyond to care about others in our community. 

     You really do make a difference.

    · Your donation provides amazing Shabbat services and dinners for people to come together to laugh, sing, and celebrate their heritage together.

    · Your donation makes sure that people are not alone as they face antisemitism and pressure to ignore their heritage.

    · Your donation makes it possible to show a young man how to put on tefillin -- for the first time ever. 

    It happens one person at a time. "Small" (but huge) actions demonstrate the beauty and love of being Jewish. 

    Our end-of-year budget gap is $40,000. We must raise that to be there for the people who urgently need us!

    But it is so worth it. I wish you could see the look on their faces when their soul ignites. 

    Can you give $180 for our Year End Campaign?

    You will give them wonderful opportunities to learn and study and to laugh and cry. Together.

    They really need you right now. For almost two years now, life has been abnormal. Stressful. Scary. Your gift will show them how to be proud to be Jewish and give them strength and courage in these difficult times. 

    We just celebrated Chanukah Together. What an outpouring of Jewish community and unity. As I watched the many menorahs flickering in the night, I was grateful for the opportunity to help people celebrate and carry their heritage. And I was grateful for you and for all the people who helped make this a reality. 

    Because your gift does so much. Your gift will give people a way to learn and express their Judaism. You will give them meaningful conversations with their peers and delicious Shabbat Dinners and Holiday celebrations, filled with delicious food, light, and laughter. 

    You will give them what it means to be Jewish in a world that doesn’t understand.

    Your donation of $180 is all it takes to give so many a way to reclaim their light. 

    If you can give more, I can assure you -- it will be used to help even more. If $180 is more than you can give, please know that every amount, even one dollar, will help. 

    Could you send a donation today? If you send it by December 31, you can itemize it for your 2021 taxes.

    Your gift will shine brightly into 2022. $180 is what it takes to give them these special experiences One of the lessons that we live with here is that every single person is important and needed to build a community or program. 

    You are important too! And are a critical piece in what we do.

    Thank you for considering my request. May G-d Almighty bless you and yours.


    Rabbi Berel Wolvovsky

    P.S. Please make your gift to Chabad of Silver Spring today. So many Jewish people are looking for their place. Your donation will make sure they have it! If you send it by midnight on December 31, it will be deductible for you 2021 taxes.

    If you have any questions, please contact me on my cell phone at 301-915-7841.

    **Please note that names in this letter were changed to protect privacy.

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